Building an N SCALE Model Railroad

4m X 1m  (13ft x 3ft 4in) two levels with Helix.

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Starting the Helix Completing the Helix Starting Lower Level Distance View
City Station Industries Added Distance View Industrial Area
Lower Level July 2014 Industrial Area A Closer View Background going up
Starting on the Top Level Layout February 2015 Top Level Lower Level
Main Street Layout August 2015 Closer View Industrial Area
Layout January 2016 Industrial Area The City Top Level
Timber mill The City Small Town The Yard


Assembling in Merriwa

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The base on wheels The Lower Level The supports for the Upper Level Upper Level goes on
View of Upper Level Opposite View View of Lower Level Layout Januaty 2017
The City Timber Yard Country Town Stock Yard

Extension: 2m x 1m (6ft 8 x 3ft 4)

The Extension Another View Forrest and Bridge Top Level
Country Town Farm View of Town Holiday Resort



Old HO SCALE Model Railroad

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Central Station

The City

The Shunt Yard

Loco Service

The Country

Industrial Area

Long Distance View

Country Town

Passenger Train

Over The River

Across the Bridge

The Port

At the Docks

Smokey Hill Station

Bekins Storage


Long Distance View

City Station


Freight Yard

Industrial Area

General Store

Lumber Yard

Truss Bridge