Cruise to the South Pacific

Carnival Legend

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  Map   Waiting to Embark   At the Dock   Entering the Ship

Our Cabin


Another View

  At Formal Dinner  

Atti in Gym

  The Train   Street in Noumea   View of Noumea   Islands
  St. Joseph's Cathedral   Anchored at Mare   Street in Mare   Mare Beach
  Drinking Coconut Juice   Drinking Coconut Juice   A House in Mare   Atti & Thea
  On the Beach   Mare Beach  

The Atrium


Thea in Atrium



  Waiting for the Lift   Up the Stairs  

Anchored in Lifou


Atti and Ship

  Thea and Ship   Relaxing in Lifou   View of Lifou   Lifeboat


  Truffles Restaurant   At the Restaurant  

Having a Meal


Isle of Pines



  With a Local Couple   Natives Dancing  

Thea and Tree




Thea on Balcony


Atti on Balcony


Thea Relaxing


Atti Relaxing